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Pesticide Emulsifiers Properties and Surfactants

Nov. 22, 2021

Even though some of us have not been exposed to pesticide spraying, we know that pesticides need to be diluted with water. A small bottle of pesticide can fill dozens of liters of water tank. In this process, farmers will use a pesticide emulsifier. We introduce you to its role and benefits.

What it does

The use of emulsifiers in pesticides is to make the emulsifiable oil or microemulsifiable oil formulations of pesticides better soluble in water. Without emulsifier, some pesticides are easy to separate and stratify when used with water, which will reduce the effect.

Preparation methods

There are two ways to prepare emulsion: one is to use mechanical methods to make the liquid with tiny particles dispersed in another liquid, the industry uses this method to prepare emulsion; the other is to dissolve the liquid in a molecular state in another liquid, and then make it appropriate to gather and form an emulsion.

Emulsion properties

The stability of an emulsion is the ability to resist particle aggregation that would lead to phase separation. Emulsions are thermodynamically unstable systems with large free energies. Therefore, the so-called stability of an emulsion is actually the time required for the system to reach equilibrium, i.e., the time required for a liquid in the system to separate.

When the interfacial membrane has polar organic molecules such as fatty alcohols, fatty acids and fatty amines, the membrane strength increases significantly. This is because, in the interfacial adsorption layer of emulsifier molecules and alcohols, acids and amines and other polar molecules to form a "complex", so that the interfacial membrane strength increased.



Mixed emulsifier

More than two kinds of surfactants consisting of emulsifier is called mixed emulsifier. Mixed emulsifier adsorbed at the water/oil interface, the role of intermolecular complexes can be formed. Due to the strong intermolecular action, the interfacial tension is significantly reduced, the amount of emulsifier adsorbed at the interface is significantly increased, the formation of the interface film density increases, the strength increases.

What is a good emulsifier

A pesticide species required by the emulsifier fluidity is good, easy to use. Formulated emulsifier in the validity period, the pesticide does not produce decomposition, no flocculation, no precipitation. After dilution with water, it can significantly reduce the surface tension and have sufficient wetting, penetration, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization and other functions.

Pesticides need to have adhesion on the plant to help the rapid conduction of pesticides, not lost, only to achieve such performance, to play a good insecticide, fungicide, weed control effect. This requires us to consider the structure of the monomer, the ratio of hydrophilic base / lipophilic base, the compatibility with pesticides and solvents, the compatibility of the emulsifier itself, etc. when choosing the emulsifier formula. So a better mixed emulsifier, which is composed of a variety of nonionic monomers, anionic monomers, solvents and co-solvents, its main role is in the emulsion on the basis of qualified, more play a wetting, penetrating role.

China's emulsifier

China's pesticide emulsifier after more than 40 years of development, from a single dosage form to a variety of dosage forms of processing, from relying on imported emulsifiers to have been able to produce and for all domestic pesticide production support, quality indicators have been able to meet the needs of the international market, the development of pesticide emulsifiers for the development of China's pesticide industry has made a great contribution.

SANCOLO CHEMICAL specializes in the production of pesticide emulsifier for more than twenty years, with anionic surfactant calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate as the strength, excellent quality and favorable prices. Our products are widely exported to USA, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, etc.

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