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Types and Properties of Sulfonate surfactants

Nov. 09, 2021

Sulfonate surfactants are the most produced and widely used anionic surfactants, and are also developed earlier and have more varieties. The synthesis methods, properties and applications of the main varieties are introduced below.

Straight-chain alkyl benzene sulfonate (LAS)

LAS is a yellow oily liquid, which can form hexagonal or rhomboidal flake crystals after purification. lAS is neutral when dissolved in water, insensitive to water hardness, good stability to acid and alkali hydrolysis, and not easy to be oxidized.

The most important use of LAS is to prepare various types of liquid, powder, granular, slurry detergents, scrubbers and cleaners. It can also be used as oil emulsion breaker, pesticide concentrated emulsifier, oil well air drilling foaming agent, foam agent for soft ceramics, cement and plaster, etc. In agriculture, it can be used as anti-fertilizer caking agent, fungicide and synergistic pesticide.

sec-alkyl sulfonate (SAS)

The sec-alkyl sulfonate is a relatively new commercial surfactant, made from n-alkane C14 to C18 by the action of sulfur dioxide and air, and the reaction is obviously different from sulfonation and esterification with sulfuric acid, which is called sulfoxidation.

The surface activity of SAS is close to that of LAS, and it has good stability in alkalis, weak acids and water. It has good wetting, emulsifying, dispersing, decontaminating and foaming ability in hard water, and its biodegradability is better than LAS, and it is more used in liquid detergent formulations, such as liquid dishwashing detergent and light-duty fabric detergent, etc.


Succinate sulfonates (MS)

The molecular structure of this type of surfactant is highly variable and the source of raw materials is wide, so the molecular structure can be changed according to the needs of the application to synthesize a product with unique performance; its surface activity is good, and the performance of monoester products is mild and low irritation to skin, while the penetration of diester products is strong and the application area is wide.

MS is widely used in the field of daily chemical industry as foaming agent and cleaning agent, but also in paint synthesis, printing and dyeing industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, leather processing, mining, photographic industry, etc.

High-carbon fatty acid ester sulfonate (MES)

High-carbon fatty acid ester sulfonate (MES ) is a sulfonate surfactant made by using natural oils and fats. In order to ensure that the sulfonation reaction occurs at the alpha position of the ester group, the fatty acid must be saturated to avoid the reaction of unsaturated bonds with the sulfonation reagent to generate disulfonates, which affects the surface activity and use properties of the product.

MES has good calcium soap dispersion and good decontamination power, good biodegradability and low toxicity. It is mainly used as a calcium soap dispersant for soap powder and block soap, and can also be used in liquid detergent formulations.

Sulfonate surfactant molecules can not only be specially designed for different applications and needs to meet the specific needs of a variety of applications, but also come from a wide range of raw materials, either from mineral oil or automatic plants, and their research and development and applications are very extensive. Contact SANCOLO if you need the surfactant.

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